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The “10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness” in Black Faces in White Places reflect a wide-range of ideas, ideals, principles, and perspectives. Here you can experience the sights and sounds – music, videos, and lyrics – that reflect each of the 10 game-changing strategies based on the performing artist and/or the message in their music. This is yet another unique lens into the world of Black Faces in White Places. After you have browsed through this vault, you and also learn more about books, music, and quotes that inspired the book by clicking here.


Strategy 1:
Establish a Strong Identity and Purpose

Strategy 2:
Obtain Broad Exposure

Strategy 3:
Demonstrate Excellence

Strategy 4:
Build Diverse and Solid Relationships

Strategy 5:
Seek the Wisdom of Others

Strategy 6:
Find Strength in Numbers

Strategy 7:
Think and Act Intrapreneurially

Strategy 8:
Think and Act Entrepreneurially

Strategy 9:
Synergize and Reach Scale

Strategy 10:
Give Back Generously

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