Resource Bank by Strategy

This Resource Bank includes a comprehensive list of organizations, associations, clubs, causes, charities, and other programs and activities that advance the principles of the “10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness” in Black Faces in White Places. Here you will find valuable resources geared toward any age and any profession from across the entire country.

Strategy #1: Establish a Strong Identity and Purpose

African-American organizations providing programs that build self-esteem and programs that teach Black children about African American culture or African history.

Strategy #2: Obtain Broad Exposure

Organizations and programs providing global, geographical, contextual and outdoor exposure.

Strategy #3: Demonstrate Excellence

African-American organizations and programs that promote academic or professional excellence.

Strategy #4: Build Diverse and Solid Relationships

African-American organizations and programs that promote networking.

Strategy #5: Seek the Wisdom of Others

Organizations and programs that provide mentors, pair mentors with protégés, or pair big brothers or big sisters with little brothers or little sisters.

Strategy #6: Find Strength in Numbers

African American membership organizations.

Strategy #7: Think and Act Intrapreneurially

African American affinity groups within corporations.

Strategy #8: Think and Act Entrepreneurially

Organizations that help African American and minority entrepreneurs or general organizations that help entrepreneurs.

Strategy #9: Synergize and Reach Scale

Organizations that are comprised of other organizations, or organizations that cut across multiple lines of difference.

Strategy #10: Give Back Generously

African American and general organizations that facilitate giving back or provide innovative or different ways of giving back.