The Team

Philana Patterson Business News Editor, Associated Press/
Editorial Assistance
April Peters Senior Public Relations and Business
Affairs Manager
Sakina Spruell-Cole President of Cole Media/ Journalist and Advisor
Renau Daniels Consultant to the National Town Hall Tour
Renee Warren President, Noelle-Elaine/Event Planner for the National Town Hall Tour
Darlene Harris Office Manager, BCT Partners/
Administrative Support
Lawrence Hibbert President, BCT Partners/Advisor
David Vigliano Vigliano and Associates/Literary Agent for
Drs. Pinkett and Robinson
Adam Korn Literary Agent for Drs. Pinkett and Robinson
Regina Brooks Serendipity Literary Agency/
Literary Agent for Ms. Patterson
Nikki Hopewell Interviews and Editorial Assistance
Ellen Kadin Executive Editor, AMACOM Books
James Bessent Associate Editor, AMACOM Books
William Helms Editorial Assistant, AMACOM Books
Alice Northover Publicist, AMACOM Books
Irene Majuk Director of Publicist, AMACOM Books
Lauren Johnson Publicist Intern, AMACOM Books
Rodney Frederickson Former Creative Director, BCT Partners/Graphics
Quaison Carter Student at New Jersey Institute of Technology/Webmaster
Robert Dambreville Student at Christ the King High School, Intern at BCT Partners, and Research Associate
Frankie Gonzalez President, 3rd Edge Communications/

Graphics and Co-Designers of the Website with
BCT Partners

Rob Monroe Vice President of Sales, 3rd Edge Communications/

Graphics and Co-Designers of the Website
with BCT Partners

Andrew Haze Associate Web Designer, BCT Partners

Content Developer of the Website

Deena Davis Angelic Grace Productions

Video Editing and Production of the “Redefine the Game” Video

Brittany Alsto Student at Rutgers University, and
Research Associate
Clifford Joseph Student at Rowan University, Intern at BCT Partners, and Research Associate
Vic Carter Lee-Com Media Services, Editorial and Research Assistance
Hill Harper Actor, CSI: NY, Bestselling Author (Interviewee)
Roland Martin Journalist, CNN (Interviewee)
Jeff “Cousin Jeff” Johnson BET (Interviewee)
Cory Booker Mayor, City of Newark (Interviewee)
Benjamin Jealous President, NAACP (Interviewee)
Angela Glover-Blackwell Founder and President, PolicyLink (Interviewee)
Kevin Powell Writer, Author, Activist (Interviewee)
Don Thompson President and COO, McDonald’s (Interviewee)
Deborah Elam Vice President, Diversity and Inclusion, General Electric (Interviewee)
Gabriella Morris President, The Prudential Foundation (Interviewee)
Dudley Benoit Vice President, Community Development, JPMorganChase (Interviewee)
Anthony Jerome Smalls Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility, The TJX Companies (Interviewee)
Gwen Kelly Senior Marketing Manager, Wal-Mart (Interviewee)
Majora Carter President, The Majora Carter Group (Interviewee)
Dr. Cheryl Dorsey President, Echoing Green Foundation (Interviewee)
Rey Ramsey Founder and CEO, One Economy Corporation (Interviewee)
David Steward Founder and Chairman, World Wide Technology (Interviewee)
Zack Lemelle Former VP, Information Technology, Johnson & Johnson (Interviewee)
Otis Moss Senior Pastor, Trinity United Methodist Church (Interviewee)
Marnie McKoy Principal, The Link School (Interviewee)
Darryl Cobb Executive Director, ACT Charter School (Interviewee)
Dr. Treena Arinzeh Professor, New Jersey Institute of Technology (Interviewee)
Alonzo Adams Artist (Interviewee)
Ralph Smith Executive Vice President, The Annie E. Casey Foundation (Interviewee)
Wayne Winborne Former Vice President Business Diversity Outreach, Financial Prudential (Interviewee)