Deleted Scene 5 – Randal and Mrs. Rabinowitz: The Good Kid, Being Cool and Getting into Trouble

Removed from the Middle of Strategy 1

In East Windsor, Randal struggled with his identity as a “good kid” and “being cool.” Randal’s older brother Dan was the quintessential good kid and strong student. They were constantly compared at school and at home, so for Randal, good grades and behavior were – at least in part – a way to keep up and compete with Dan.

Still, Randal still had a desire to fit in so, when the class bully – fed up with Randal’s good kid image dared him to get into trouble, Randal took the bait.

He dared me to get up from my desk and start walking around the room. He said if the teacher, Mrs. Rabinowitz, told me to sit down, I had to keep walking until I got into trouble. I got up and Mrs. Rabinowitz calmly warned, ‘Randy, you’re supposed to be in your seat.’ I kept walking. In a louder tone she said, ‘Randy, sit down!’ I felt uneasy and was beginning to question if it was worth it. She approached me and asked, ‘What kind of behavior is this coming from you?’ I could only muster, ‘I don’t know.’ She told me to take my seat and I happily obliged.

Randal felt terrible, and was worried he ruined his image and that Mrs. Rabinowitz would call his mother. His chance of being scared straight was muted by his classmates’ reaction.

When I returned to my seat it was like a hero’s welcome. Everyone was smiling and yelling ‘Yeah! Alright! You got into trouble! The message was clear: Being cool meant that you had to make some noise every now and then.

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